Books to Review

New Items last Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Requested Items updated: Friday, May 25, 2012

Title Link Genre Sub Genre
Legacy Forgotten Romance Paranormal
A Gentleman's Luck
Requested Romance Action/Adventure
Mad About the Boy Romance MultiCultural Romance
Requested Fantasy Children's fantasy
Requested Science Fiction adventure/lovestory
Old Bones General Fiction Historical
Blood And Guitars
Requested Fantasy Paranormal
ESTRA Corp. Science Fiction War
The Blood Upon the Rose
Requested General Fiction historical fiction
Hemlock and the Wizard Tower
Requested Fantasy Sword and Sorcery
Birdie Down' Science Fiction Adventure, rebellion
Inanimate Objects
Requested General Fiction magic realism/urban fantasy
LOL General Fiction humor & comedy
No Good Deed
Requested Fantasy Urban Fantasy
The Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old Blood Published this summer; I can send you a kindle version through calibre General Fiction Historical
The Lucky Boy Young Adult suburban dystopian bildungsroman
The Grove and Other Stories General Fiction horror/paranormal
Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey Non-Fiction Memoir
Prophecy of the Most Beautiful
Requested Young Adult Fantasy/Mythology
Morrigan's Harvest (Vol. One) The War for Inisfail Fantasy  
The Last Keeper
Requested General Fiction Paranormal
Wreck of the Nebula Dream
Requested Science Fiction Romantic elements
Starving for Love
Requested Young Adult  
Diary of a Madman General Fiction Horror/suspense
Gangster Science Fiction historical
Mark of the Princess
Requested Fantasy YA
The World Clicks General Fiction Dude Lit
Blood And Guitars Fantasy Paranormal
Dark Confluence
Requested Fantasy Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Saving Peace
Requested General Fiction Women's lit
Requested Young Adult Steampunk Horror
haunted soul General Fiction  
Requested Science Fiction  
If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor
Requested Young Adult bullying, body image, eating disorder
OMAR: A Novel Http:// General Fiction suspense-thriller/histofic
Requested Young Adult Sci-Fi/Romance
Endless Fantasy  
The Shameful Diary of a Hopeless Romantic General Fiction Chick Lit
Dr. Aa's Pennyroyal Tabules General Fiction historical
Niedermayer & Hart
Requested General Fiction Horror/thriller
Deadly Legacy Mystery detective
Day of Demons Fantasy Fantasy Anthology
The Saico Chronicles: Part Two General Fiction Horror/Thriller
Nation At Risk Science Fiction Political Thriller
Paradise 21
Requested Science Fiction  
Sassy Singularity you have it already :) Romance  
Glitter and Trauma (novella) Fantasy horror/urban fantasy
Requested Fantasy dystopian
Fu Man Chu's Vampire Mystery horror, supernatural mystery
Shades of Grey General Fiction Anthology. Suspense/thriller.
Sign of the Times Romance Contemporary Fiction
Gifted, a Donovan Circus Novel
Requested Fantasy  
Running Northwest General Fiction Romance
Kissing the Cotton Clouds General Fiction contemporary women's fiction
The Break-Up Test
Requested General Fiction contemporary women's fiction
Demons Are Jackasses Fantasy Paranormal Thriller
Requested General Fiction Romantic Thriller
Le Couer de la Mer General Fiction  
Some of Her Parts General Fiction Poetry and short stories
Dead on Demand NA - out Friday. See misc. General Fiction Crime/ Police Procedural/ British Detective
The Devil's Highway Mystery Thriller
Dark Steps General Fiction Psychological horror
Base Spirits
Requested General Fiction Horror/Historical
Requested Fantasy Urban Fantasy