Readers are kept guessing. Bleeding Kansas 2.0 by @Denney_Clements #thriller #review

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Bleeding Kansas 2.0

Written by Denney Clements

Genre(s): Political Thriller

In the second decade of the 21st century, some Kansans worry that their state is descending once again into bloody factionalism. Right-wing ruffians, who’ve taken over state government, are strangling the state’s progressive spirit. In reaction, a pissed-off liberal who calls himself The Curator is killing homophobes, anti-abortion activists and other radical reactionaries one by one, in the belief he can intimidate the crazies into silence.

An unhinged fugitive businessman has stolen a doomsday weapon activated with the tap of a smartphone or tablet screen, and is intent on using it to enslave his former partners.

Into this cauldron of misery and uncertainty steps Harvey Rothko, a failed Wichita lawyer working as a fixer for the Democrats. His bosses want him to mine The Curator murders for mud to sling at far-right Republicans. Instead, to their displeasure, Rothko butts into the investigation, struggling for headroom against proprietary cops while falling in love with one of them.

The deeper Rothko digs, the weirder – and more terrifying – things get. Way too many elected officials, including the governor, seem to be lackeys for big contributors. A global arms dealer with a nasty temper and dangerous friends takes an unhealthy interest in him. Rumors persist that some members of the business elite indulge in strange sexual antics in a rehabbed barn outside Wichita.

Meanwhile, The Curator’s body count rises and rises. …

Rothko and his cohorts can’t fix what’s wrong with Kansas. Only the people can do that. But he can help hunt down and otherwise thwart the folks who’ve disrupted and plundered the state. The trick is staying alive long enough to do it. 

Lynn's Review

This book is a Political Intrigue with a bit of Police Procedural and Romance mixed in.

This story is complex and has multiple players - some good, others bad. Some of them you don't know if they are good or bad until you read farther along. Basically Crime and Punishment prevail.

I liked that the reader could see the different points of view - inside thoughts and opinions of the main characters. I also liked that the reader was kept guessing who would remain standing - the good guys or the bad ones.

Warning: This book is for Mature Audiences due to mildly graphic sexual situations, violence, and Adult Language.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.