6 reasons why your book should be in Cover Wars, plus a bonus reason. #authors

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It's cheap.

C'mon. Most authors, even the ones not really making any money yet, can afford $5, and for what you get (read on), I think it's @#$%-ing worth it.

It's fun.

Authors have told me time and time again that it was a lot of fun putting their book through the ringer, even if they didn't win.

It lasts (almost) an entire month.

Actually the campaign lasts all month, but I have to put the word almost in there since some books get "voted off the island." That will happen no sooner than 2 weeks into the month, but it may wait until the third or even near the end of the month. Just depends on my schedule.

It give authors a platform.

I've mentioned this reason before, but it deserves mentioning again...for a different reason. Authors should already have a platform to advertise their books. If they do, Cover Wars gives them another platform. However, if they don't, Cover Wars gives them a platform to start advertising.

Bored fans have something else to look forward to.

This goes hand in hand with the platform reason. If an author has been doing a lot of "Buy my book" tweets, which don't particularly work all that well, Cover Wars gives them something else to say. Authors are excited to say, "Vote for my book," and loyal fans are happy to oblige.

Great opportunity to network with other authors.

Authors, do you network with other authors? You should, and Cover Wars gives you a great opportunity to do that. How?

  • Advertise each other's books on social media. (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Blog about each other's books.

Why would I do that if I want to win?

Well, it isn't all about winning, but besides that, the chances of you winning goes up with more than just me and you pushing your book. If nothing else, maybe you and another author teaming up means both of your books make it into the finale.

And did I say it isn't about winning? True, the winning book gets another post, but making it into the finale is almost as important.

Are you convinced yet?

Well, get into the next Cover Wars here. (The post says May, but it still works. I need to do a new post.)

Not convinced yet? Well, let me give you a bonus reason.

The winner of August's Cover Wars gets a free $25 promo on the site. 

Not bad incentive for just a $5 investment, right?

So, order Cover Wars here.