"Poetic, profound, and masterly crafted" You Won't Remember This by @ktblkwll #shortstories #free

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You Won't Remember This

Written by Kate Blackwell

Genre(s): Short Stories, Literary Fiction

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The twelve stories in Kate Blackwell’s debut collection illuminate the lives of men and women who appear as unremarkable as your next-door-neighbor until their lives explode quietly on the page. Her wry, often darkly funny voice describes the repressed underside of a range of middle-class characters living in the South.

Blackwell’s focus is elemental—on marriage, birth, death, and the entanglements of love at all ages—but her gift is to shine a light on these universal situations with such lucidity, it is as if one has never seen them before.

In “My First Wedding,” a twelve-year-old girl attends her cousin’s Deep South wedding, where she discovers both mystery and disillusionment and, in the end, finds she’s not immune to her family’s myth of romantic love.

In “Heartbeatland,” when a young woman’s husband dies suddenly, she refuses to sell his Jeep to an importuning gay neighbor. The more she clings to the Jeep—and to the memory of her beloved David—the more he becomes someone she doesn’t recognize.

In “Queen of the May,” a former belle looks for ways to assuage her loneliness in her large new house in the empty Carolina sandhills. 

An excerpt from

You Won't Remember This


She sees him curled in the shallow lee of the door, his little legs tucked under him, his eyes closed, and thinks for a blinding half second he's dead. When she realizes he's sleeping, she's furious.

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Fans are saying

A poetic, profound, and masterly crafted collection of stories.

Blackwell's writing blends the elegance and entertainment of southern storytelling with her own unique voice.

It was one of those books to which I wanted to return and didn't want to put down. No story disappointed.

Reading Kate Blackwell's collection for the second time, I am filled with admiration for these beautifully crafted stories.

Set in the South, they have a veneer of decorum, but again and again manners are stripped away and emotion is laid bare.

Their revelations are quiet, but in the most subtle and subversive way, they never fail to surprise.

Author Bio

Kate Blackwell

Kate Blackwell began writing fiction after a career in journalism. At first she wrote stories in order to learn how to write novels, but the strategies of the short form proved a pleasure all their own. She fell in love with the challenge of the story: compressing a life into twenty pages, finding the right ending.

The twelve stories in her collection, You Won't Remember This, were written over twenty years. The short story "isn't just a short read versus a long one," she says. "I see it as the literary voice of the individual, the solitary, whose pain and longing often go unheard. My stories reveal the inner life of someone I wouldn't otherwise know. What I find is never what I expect."