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A Lover for Beth

A Multicultural Romance

Written by Yuwanda Black

Genre(s): Romance, Interracial Romance, Contemporary Romance



An excerpt from

A Lover for Beth

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Instant Attraction but Bumpy Path to Love in This Romantic Novel

In “A Lover for Beth,” Beth and Zander instantly feel a connection when they’re introduced at a dinner party, and Zander doesn’t hesitate to ask her on a date before the night is over. Their attraction is immediate, and even though Zander is reluctant to answer questions about his past, Beth still gives in to her feelings of passion for the sexy Italian—and finds out she’s pregnant after he has returned to Rome.

As a regular reader of romance, I enjoyed “A Lover for Beth.” Beth is ambitious and successful, and I enjoyed her character—her fears that Zander won’t love her back or want to be there for her are relatable. I also liked her close friendship with Kingston—their banter and love for each other give the relationship a realistic and authentic ring.

Zander, as the handsome and attractive Italian, is a great male lead—he has honor and passion but isn’t perfect, and you find yourself doubting him but being drawn to him just as Beth is. The suspense of the book that keeps the pages turning revolves around whether Zander and Beth can make their relationship work, not only because they’re from different continents but because their communication isn’t always ideal.

Recommended to readers who enjoy romance novels that involve instant attraction and unexpected consequences that just might work out to a happily ever after.

— E. Lucas

In this story Beth and Zander feel an instant connection between them when they first meet at a dinner party. Zander doesn't want to answer his questions about his past and Beth finds out that she's pregnant from the sexy Italian. I liked the characters, like the plot and also like the author's writing style.

While reading this story I was able to clearly see in my imagination a mental movie about the love story between Beth and Zander and this movie was very interesting. I enjoyed this book and can definitely recommend it.

— Andrii

Author Bio

Yuwanda Black

My name is Yuwanda Black and I'm a freelance writer, author and web entrepreneur.


... it allows me to live and work where I please. As long as I have an internet connection, I'm good to go.

I've worked everywhere from a hotel room in Barcelona, Spain; to a cafe in Stockholm, Sweden; to a farm house in Cordoba, Argentina; to a condo in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As far as work, I feel like the luckiest girl alive most days.