Will appeal to lovers of dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers... Read this dark fantasy by @LordWalkiWolf

Genre: Dark Fantasy, LGBT
Published: May 7, 2012
Formats Available: All Digital

Rooted in the music scene of London, UK, and inspired by a life-long passion for music and a peculiar interest in private dark sides, ‘Outsider’ is a study of human emotions, disturbed by vampires and punctuated with rock music.

Sid is a medicated musician who has lost her rhythm, but strangely is finding her voice as a writer. Her involvement in this story starts when she attends one of Second Look’s gigs for the first time. The rock band inspires her to write short stories sprinkled with monsters.

For Joy, the bored blood-drinker, it might have started when a powerful vampire turned her into a creature of the night at the dawn of the 20th century. Death would probably claim that it started at Sid’s birth, when she thought this soul would make a perfect travelling companion. For Toni and Dee-Dee, it was the night the mighty predator made the unwilling musician into an extremely angry fledgling. The entity known as Life, meddling with mortals’ private lives and nights, clinched her own private deal.

The curious Sid wonders and inquires about vampires. The cynical Joy rediscovers the art of feeling and finds herself willing to protect her mortal lover, even against an over-righteous vampire.

Is everything as it seems? Is everyone as they appear? With offbeat sense of humour and twisted realism, the author guides you down a trail of bodies (alive, dead and undead) until the final showdown.

‘Outsider’, a story tainted with mental disorders, will appeal to lovers of dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers, and readers curious of alternative lifestyles.

Little is known about the apparently quiet W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh. The few unearthed bones are still disconnected: dreams, books, no gender, tattoos, wolves, invisible energies, permanent puzzlement. W would be (in alphabetical order) a versatile artist, a chocolate fiend, an independent musician, and a tree hugger.

The cats know more, but refuse to talk: one will stare you down; the other one will fight you.

W's writings have appeared in unknown, obscure zines and in the last ten years in various anthologies: 'Write Now' (UK, 2001), 'Threads' (UK, 2009, edited by Cassandra Lee aka Shawn-A-Lee McCutcheon-Bell), 'Eclectica' (2011, edited by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc), 'No One Makes It Out Alive (2012, edited by Hydra M. Star), 'Blessings from the Darkness' (2014, edited by Kelly J. Koch), 'Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2014 (edited by Jennifer L. Miller).

W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh is the author of the novel 'Outsider' (2012) and the collection of short stories 'Tales for the 21st Century' (2014).

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