"Has potential, but choppy..." The Widow's Window by @WriterChristi #review #romance

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The Widow's Window

The Wyoming Romances Book 3

Written by Christi Williams

Genre(s): Romance

Madysen Collins needs help. Her husband has been killed fighting a fire, her all-grown-up daughter has gone off to college, and the details of running a historic ranch are constantly piling up on her. Not used to being anything resembling a lady in distress, Madysen is shocked to discover she's begun looking at handsome Antonio Marquez as more a knight who doesn't need armor to shine than her immigrant ranch hand. As things progress to too hot to handle between them, Madysen worries whether Antonio is capable of handling her secret. Little does she suspect that Tony has deep secrets of his own! Toss in Madysen's recently divorced and remarried brother who shows up wanting to move back to the historic family ranch, the question of whether Madysen's daughter can handle her mom's burgeoning relationship with the hired man, as well as the sudden appearance in Tony's life of a surprise from his past, and the situation at the formerly peaceful Wyoming valley ranch threatens to blow up.

Abha's Review

Madysen Collins lost the love of her life...

Madysen Collins lost the love of her life, her husband. Her daughter is off at college and now she has to run her family's ranch by herself. She is determined to make a good life for herself, even if that means handling everything by herself. She is forced to hire someone to help her keep the ranch operational. Antonio Marquez has struggled all of his life. He is an immigrant worker that has worked hard to get a green card to stay in this country. Madysen and Antonio are thrown together and have to figure out if they will have a chance at happiness and love.

The plot had a lot of potential but unfortunately, I found the story to be choppy. It lacked flow and the incidents seemed to be thrown together to create a storyline. If only the characters were better developed and there was more dimension to the storyline. I would only give this two stars.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.