Rocking Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket. Interview with @Lillfill2

We're pleased to introduce

Phillip Urlevich

Author of

Beyond Earth

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Lightning Round

The zombie apocalypse is coming - are you prepared?


Bet it all on black or red?

Always bet on black

Call or text?

Call me

Serious Round

Authors often put themselves into their characters. Which of your characters is most like you and why?

I put myself in all my characters, including the female characters. I draw upon my own past experiences and others I know of and use them for inspiration.

Do you have a structured schedule for writing?

I write until the CD runs out.

Wacky Question

If you found yourself back in the 80s, what piece of clothing would you rock?

The jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the "Thriller" music video

Author Bio

An ordinary guy with extraordinary imagination.