"History That Won't Put You To Sleep" Treasures of the Fourth Reich by Patrick Parker #thriller

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Treasures of the Fourth Reich

A Novel of Suspense

Written by Patrick Parker

Genre(s): Crime Thriller

A Titian, a Bruegel, and a panel from the Amber Room -- vanished during WWII -- come to life again.

A string of deaths drags Dix Connor and his art expert wife into a suspense-filled game of cat & mouse with a clandestine organization with roots in the closing days of WWII.

It was one of the greatest crimes of the century.... Grand museums and families lost countless valuables and works of art to Nazi lootings in what has been called "the rape of Europa." Parker's story begins just outside the Bavarian salt mines as the American and Russian armies are closing in. Amid the chaos, SS officers scramble to hide ill-gotten treasures that will finance the "Fourth Reich." Only a precious journal detailing an inventory of treasure caches around the Tirol holds a clue.

Forty plus years later, the hunt for Europe's lost art falls to a husband and wife team who become entangled in this web of stolen treasures. Dix and Maria Connor face down a secret and deadly network trafficking in Titians, Bruegels and remnants of Peter the Great's magnificent Amber Room. From northeast Italy to Brussels, these amateur detectives risk everything to right the wrongs of history. Crisscross Europe's past and present in this thinking man's action novel.

The lust for loot crosses paths with history’s ghosts in this high-octane thriller.

The Godmother's Review

History That Won't Put You To Sleep

This book is a combination of Mystery/Thriller, Military, International Intrigue, Crime, and Historical Fiction.

Dix, U.S. retired military turned writer, is married to Maria, art lover and author with an interesting past. Maria is interested in the art and treasures that were confiscated during World War II. Dix has interest in European politics. Their life in Italy is threatened after a series of events start them searching for answers to questions that could turn fatal.

I love how Mr. Parker starts with events surrounding a certain soldier during the last days of World War II. Then the reader is brought forward to 1993 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. While many historical events are told, don't worry you won't get put to sleep because there is a lot of action as well.

Warning: This is for Mature Audiences due to Violence, Sexual Situations, and Adult Language.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.