My daughter continued to insist... Interview w/ @AuthorAllenJ

We're pleased to introduce

Allen J Johnston

Author of

The Divine Apprentice

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Lightning Round

Cat person, dog person or 'other'?

Dogs of course :)

Day or night?

LOVE the night time!!!

Do you follow your imagination or question it, Follow or Question?


Serious Round

How did you family support your story becoming a book?

How did you family support your story becoming a book? My family is amazing as far as bringing my books to life. My story first came to print when I was twenty six, but I did not have the maturity to follow through and get it put in print so I put it on a shelf for sixteen years. One night, I pull it out and decide to read it to my daughter and son as a bed time story. My daughter immediately fell in love with it, but tragically, I found I was missing chapter three so I shelved it for three more years. My daughter continued to insist that I publish the story. Because of her, I dove back in and found that chapter three was easily recovered from my memory. I must also mention that my amazing wife edits and works with me on all my plots. She helps keep me on the more sane path as I let my crazy mind create my fantasy worlds.

Do you base any characters on real-life people that you know?

I base the main character's love interest, Darcienna, on my wife. I use her personality for most of it. Amber is spunky and funny along with being very witty and fun. She makes life amazing as does my main character's love interest. I base my character, Vendral, on my daughter. Ven has a strength of will and a protective nature that is matched by none. She is fierce and God help anyone who decides to mess with those that she has vowed to protect.

Wacky Question

You're having an intimate dinner party, just you and five individuals (from any time in history, fictional or real). Who's at your table and what are you eating?

I would love to meet, Jesus, Moses, Cain, Adam and Eve. We are all eating pizza because it is the best food ever invented, and I would not dare feed such important people anything less than what I consider to be one of the best foods ever invented.

Author Bio

Allen Johnston is a resident in Lansing, MI. His wife, Amber, keeps life fun and interesting for him. They share four children. He loves aviation and works as an Air Traffic Controller at the Capital City of Michigan. He lives by the motto that anything is possible. When considering learning to fly, he was told that it is not possible to achieve a pilot’s license in less than a month by his supervisor, who was also an instructor pilot. Needless to say, he proved that the impossible was, indeed, possible.