Her abduction would be conditional. Interview w/ @CyndiFriberg

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Lightning Round

Coffee or Tea?


Kindle or Nook?


What are the two most important qualities in an antagonist?

A believable motivation and creativity. There is nothing more boring than a cookie-cuter villain.

Serious Round

Do you plan or pants it?

I'm a casual planner. I use plot outlines and character sketches, but I'm always open to change. Some of my best scenes have resulted from listening to my characters rather than sticking to the plot oWould you ever agree to be abducted by extraterrestrial aliens?utline.

How has technology hurt or helped you as an author?

Without technology I would still be spinning my wheels. When I landed a well-known agent, I was convinced my dreams were about to come true. But all the romance editors in New York said my books were too sci-fi and all the science-fiction editors said they were too focused on the romance. Luckily, eBooks allowed me to reach an audience that was tired of the same predictable concepts New York has been churning out for decades. Maintaining complete creative control over my work is also wonderful.

Wacky Question

Would you ever agree to be abducted by extraterrestrial aliens?

If they looked and behaved like the ones in my books, take me away! 

Author Bio

Anything-but-Ordinary is a creed I try to reflect in my writing. Though all of my books have a paranormal twist, the main focus remains love, loyalty and the struggle for redemption. My writing has won numerous awards and frequently appears on best-seller lists. I live in Colorado with my high school sweetheart turned husband of many years. With a pampered cat curled on the corner of my desk, I dream of faraway worlds and larger than life adventures—and wouldn’t have it any other way!