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Love Match

Written by Claire-Dee Lim

Genre(s): romantic comedy

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Jessica Durrell has it all figured out. As San Francisco’s most successful matchmaker and owner of Love Match, she’s been helping the lovelorn go from “Single to Soul Mate in 30 Days.” Her longtime marriage to the man of her dreams is living proof that she practices what she preaches.

Then out of the blue, disaster strikes. Her world is thrown into chaos and the future of Love Match is now at stake. As Jessica scrambles to save the business, she finds herself making a dicey deal with Hayden Korr—a former rock star on the comeback trail with his own agenda.

Just when it seems that Jessica’s wacky scheme might succeed, her growing attraction to Hayden complicates matters. Worse yet, her nemesis has crawled out of the woodwork to make sure Love Match goes down in flames. Through outrageous obstacles and hilarious twists and turns, our Queen of Hearts is forced to reexamine her views on relationships, romance, and what it really takes to win in the game of love. 

An excerpt from

Love Match

“Didi, stop that!” screamed Jessica Durrell at the drunken bride-to-be. After polishing off her third bacontini cocktail, the attractively plump Didi had stripped down to her pink bra and was now go-go dancing to BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies” atop the bar. A penis pacifier swung from her neck.

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Fans are saying

Millionaire Matchmaker meets Sex in the City of San Francisco

I read this fun, funny book in a day. Jessica Durrell is a much more likable and sympathetic heroine than real life match-maker Patty Stanger, but this novel has a Bravo-licious thing going for it. It's funny and sweet and it's also a sly send-up of so called reality television. The story moves quickly and writer has an energetic style. She also knows and loves San Francisco with all its quirks which made the whole thing as fun as a ride on a cable car.

It's a romance so you know where it's going, but getting there was a fun-house maze with a lot of twists and turns. I got off the dating bus a long time, but Love Match reminded me of the craziness and the dashed hopes as well as the thrills and excitement of being a searching single. I've been looking for a fix of something like Sex in the City since that book/t.v./movie series ended and this fulfilled my craving.

When's the movie coming out?!

— SciFi007

Love Match was a great match for me!

I have to be honest. I have a thing for rock stars, I've been cheated on and I hate to exercise. There was so little about this book that I didn't feel in tune with that it almost felt like it was written for me. I read it in two sittings, which would have been one if not for the wine. I'm sure Jessica would understand. Nothing is as it seems, and sometimes you find yourself in the wrong relationship for the right reasons.

Love Match gave me hope that if you keep on keepin' on, you'll find the right one at the right time for the right reason. If you want to read about an outrageous idea that turns into true love about characters with whom you can genuinely identify, Love Match is for you!