44 tales they didn't teach you at school... Review this collection of short stories by @21stCscribe

Genre: General Fiction, Short Stories
Published: September 18, 2015
Formats Available: Kindle

Marc Nash's fifth collection of flash fiction and his most daring and innovative yet. Tales of Military Bands, Flea Circuses, Dying Languages, Witch Trials, Drones, Gumshoes, Bedroom Physics, Death Squads, Blind Lovers, Junky Angels, Poker Tics, Thermal Imaging Voyeurism, Recycling Etiquette, Plastic Surgery Zombies... 44 tales they didn't teach you at school but should have been on the curriculum.

1) WORDS – voice

2) WORDS – communing

3) WORDS – emotional intelligence

4) WORDS – identity

5) WORDS – metaphor

6) WORDS – origins

7) WORDS – Origins

viii) WORDS – ideas

9) WORDS – alchemy

10)WORDS – trove

11)WORDS – meaning

12)WORDS – ambiguity

13)WORDS – stricture

14)WORDS – porousness

15)WORDS – vapour trails

16)WORDS – lyricism

17)WORDS – Being

18)WORDS – metastasis

19)WORDS – play

20)WORDS – inoculation against mortality

20 years in the counterculture working at Rough Trade Record Shop, now working in freedom of expression NGO world. I hope my books are more than just the sum of the above. I used to be a playwright, but then started writing more for dancers and physical theatre performers. I like a challenge and I like to move out of my comfort zone. Now I’m a novelist and am writing more ‘voice’ than I ever did as a playwright. Go figure!

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