Michael is a perfect hero. His Wicked Dream by @AdriennedeWolfe #romance

His Wicked Dream

(Velvet Lies, Book 2)

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by Adrienne deWolfe

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Haunted by scandal, Eden Mallory is determined to start over in a new town. But she won't soon forget the sexy, rugged doctor who rescued her from an outlaw, then rode off into the storm.

After losing his kid-brother to consumption, Dr. Michael Jones is obsessed with saving lives. He has no room for love or a wife. But the nights are lonely, and Eden haunts his dreams.

Then, Eden becomes his backdoor neighbor and turns his world upside-down with her unconventional healing skills and sweet temptation.

But outlaws return, forcing Michael to confront his past if he is to save the most precious life of all.

Here's what fans had to say

Well-crafted. Michael is a perfect... hero.
These sensitive, marvelous characters will tug at your heartstrings and never let go.

Author Bio

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon.com. Her "Wild Texas Nights" series and her "Naughty and Nice" series were originally published in paperback as historical romances by Bantam Books and Avon Books, respectively. In paperback, these 5 books earned 9 writing awards, including "The Best Historical Romance of the Year." The paperbacks were also finalists for 2 Rita Awards (Romance Writers of America) and 2 Reviewer Choice Awards (Romantic Times Magazine).

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