Harness the power of the retweet — here's HOW


What if one of your tweets could be seen by 10,000 people or more?

Since most of our traffic here at The Masquerade Crew comes from tweets and retweets, I hope I don't have to convince you of the power of a tweet. Some people have the power to reach an audience with one tweet. For others, it takes a host of retweets.

In either case, there is power behind that little bird.

Triberr — Extend the Reach of your Blog

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Triberr at some point in this post, since the folks and users of Triberr are the reason we have the traffic we have. If you have a few minutes a day, you have the time to manage a Triberr account and extend your Twitter reach by promoting your blog posts.

However, I'd like to try something else, which might be easier for some of you.

My plan to harness your tweets

Each week I'd be willing to send out an email newsletter promoting 11 tweets, 10 from You and 1 from me. If you are one of the 10 people supplying tweets, you'd be required to retweet every other tweet in the group, guaranteeing each tweet reaches a certain minimum number of people, namely 10,000.

In case you couldn't read the subtext there: that means to be a tweet supplier, you would have to have 1,000 followers on Twitter.

"I would never sign up. You're forcing me to retweet, and I won't like every tweet."

Yes, there is a chance that you would have to promote something that you wouldn't normally want to promote or be inclined to do so. However, there will be a system for quality control.

Each tweet will be approved by me, audited for quality. In other words, I will kickback tweets that don't meet a certain minimum standard. No strictly promotional tweets will be allowed. For example:

Check out my new book...

Instead, when you're promoting a book or a blog, there should be some quality to the tweet, something to hook the people browsing Twitter. For example:

Classic yacht, beautiful women, dangerous men! (Pulled from Twitter while preparing this post)

Approved book tweets could be a quote from a review, a line from the novel, or a brief summary of the plot. If you're promoting a blog post, a catchy headline would be a successful tweet, not just "Check out my new blog post."

But, since I don't have the time to guarantee that each tweet is perfect (I'm not charging for this service), there is still a chance you will have to tweet something you wouldn't normally retweet. For that reason, only sign up if you are willing to tweet a variety of tweets.

However, that variety won't be all inclusive, since I will not approve tweets about erotica or other sensitive subjects that some people would object to. If this first attempt at a retweet network is successful, I'll expand it, opening up such subjects (within reason).

To extend the reach of a tweet beyond the minimum 10,000, anyone can sign up to receive the email newsletter. Such ones will not be required to retweet anyone. It will be their choice.