Political Suspense. Silent Cats: Deadly Dance by @thesilentcats #review

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Silent Cats:
Deadly Dance

Written by J.D. Wallace

Genre(s): Political Suspense

"For women readers, this is a romantic international spy novel; for men, it's an international spy novel with romance - all wrapped up in a true life historical thriller written with Dan Brown flare."

First in the SILENT CATS series, JD Wallace's Deadly Dance spins the mind-bending, genre-blurring fictionalized true story based on the life of Kat, the youngest Kidon Katsa Assassin in the history of Mossad, and her husband, Pantera, the fabled Chief Black Site Interrogator, who worked under such special access programs as the Operation Copper Green (created under Donald Rumsfeld), the United Nations Security Council - Special Operations Group (UN-SOG), and Task Forces 88 and 121.

Reaching back to 1989, Kat and Pantera meet in the City of Seven Hills, beautiful Rome, Italy, at a U.S. Embassy New Year's Eve ball, kicking off their 16-year relationship in the onion-layered world of covert operatives, spy hunters, slave traders, and sovereign-paid intelligence peddlers. Of necessity, their encounters are beset by lies wrapped in half-truths, concealed in shadowy realities.

Kat and Pantera maneuver through action-packed covert operations, romantic encounters, torture, and acrobatic combat, all while coming to grips about who they're hunting and who is hunting them. How did they overcome all this and stay married?

The Godmother's Review

This book is a awesome mixture of Mystery/Thriller, International Intrigue, Espionage, Military, Medical, and Romance genres.

When you begin the story, it is present day. A woman and her daughters are enjoying a day out. Their day and their lives are cut short. Then the husband/father is told of this tragedy. When he goes to view the bodies, we (the reader) see his struggle to come to grips with his present reality. Then we are sent into the past to when he meets the woman who would become one with him. Their lives are not conducive to a normal romance. They both have secrets. They both have skills. They both have a history of hating the opposite sex. So how in the world do they wind up married with children?

While reading this story, I asked myself that question many times. I loved how Mr. Wallace shared with the readers a his and her point of view. I also love how Mr. Wallace made these life-hardened characters feel real and vulnerable.

Warning: This book is for Mature Audiences due to Graphic Violence, Moderately Graphic Sexual Scenarios, and Adult Language.

Disclaimer: I discovered this book on The Masquerade Mob (Review Crew) listings. I received it for free in exchange for an honest review. Since I was provided the copy before the actual release it is also an Advance Reader Review.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.