"A detective story with a difference" Whispers of the Dead by @clrhuth #paranormal #thriller

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Zoë Delante: Whispers of the Dead

Zoë Delante Series, Book One

Written by CL Roberts-Huth

Genre(s): Paranormal Thriller

Murder was never something Zoë Delante enjoyed, but solving the cases…. She does that rather well, and has the track record to prove it. Yet when she’s called in on a new case with the Baltimore PD as their go-to clairvoyant, she’s unprepared for the heinous nature of the crimes.

The hunt for the murderer unfolds, dropping Zoe right in the middle of a power struggle between a nightmare of a coven, and a serial killer leaving bodies in ceremonial circles in the rural parts of Baltimore’s city limits.

Will she discover the identity of the maniac behind the gruesome beheadings, or will she lose someone close to her first? A race against celestial bodies and the trail of earthbound body parts keeps our intrepid clairvoyant running right until the very end.

Walki's Review

A Wiccan novel

‘Whispers of the Dead’ is a detective story with a difference. The main character, and narrator, is a clairvoyant and a Wiccan. While Zoe’s main job is as a Tarot reader, her work as a consultant for the police seems to be taking her life over. She has a strong personality and the homicide detectives don’t seem to mind following her lead.

A series of murders, apparently ritual, are baffling the cops in the Baltimore area. Zoe is called to one of the crime scenes to shed some light. Despite seeing the bits and pieces of corpses and having a vision, she discards the possibility of a werewolf culprit as all lycanthropes have been killed. Then, what? Who? And who will be the next victim?

This captivating novel, while being action-packed, has room for Zoe’s supernatural visions and for the Wiccan spirituality. Zoe is a solitary Wiccan, but her best friend is the High Priestess of a local coven. However the nurse, in the hospital where Zoe stays for a short time after a murder attempt unconnected to the case, might not be as good a Wiccan.

While I enjoyed the flow, the humour, the well developed characters, and the Wiccan perspective of ‘Whispers of the Dead’, I noticed that the detectives basically let Zoe lead the case and almost consider her like one of their own, despite the fact that she is just a consultant.

‘Whispers of the Dead’ is an excellent read that echoes of the Anita Blake series written by Laurell K. Hamilton. A Wiccan novel.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.