After two decades apart, the family starts to bridge the gap... Review this family saga by @GuhaPuja

Genre: General Fiction, Family Saga
Published: November 30, 2015
Formats Available: All Digital

THE CONFLUENCE recounts the story of an Indian family separated by extenuating circumstances that eventually finds their way back together. The story is written as an extended letter from Naina in 2045, as she recounts the journey that led to the adoption
of her son Nikhil.

Decades earlier, Naina stumbles upon a lead on the location of her aunt, who had disappeared when Naina was just a child. After her aunt's disappearance, Naina's family also completely lost contact with her beloved younger cousin, Nitu. Once Naina learns of her aunt's location, she realizes it could be the first step to finding her cousin and travels to the fictitious Republic of East Africa to find her aunt. Her journey eventually leads her to Calcutta where she finds her cousin Nitu and his three-year-old son Nikhil. After two decades apart, the family starts to bridge the gap caused by years of separation, within the backdrop of political turmoil and revolution in East Africa.

Puja Guha began writing in 2010 by participating in the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). The idea for her first book of THE AHRIMAN LEGACY struck her during a family vacation shortly before that. She has since published spy thriller AHRIMAN: THE SPIRIT OF DESTRUCTION, Book 1 of THE AHRIMAN LEGACY and an Indian women's fiction/family drama THE CONFLUENCE. 

She has lived in Kuwait, Toronto, Paris, London, and several American cities including New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with work experience in finance and health care consulting. After completing a master's degree in public policy from London School of Economics and Sciences Po, she is now working as an independent consultant on international development programs with the World Bank, primarily in Africa and South Asia, and Oliver Wyman. She is now hard at work on Books 2 and 3 of THE AHRIMAN LEGACY. 

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