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It's been a few weeks since I have emailed the group. My family has been dealing with sickness, and frankly, there wasn't much going on with the crew until recently. The biggest news is that the Kindle Fire Scavenger Hunt is live. Play for your chance at a Kindle Fire HD. The winner will be chosen at the beginning of April.

Just because there is a lot of time doesn't mean you should wait to play. I will have Rafflecopter choose two potential winners. The one with more valid entries will be the winner. I'm doing this not only to encourage people to play the hunt itself (instead of just taking a free entry and moving on) but also to create a sense of competition. There's lots of available entries, after all.

Anyway, if you would like to play the hunt, click HERE.

Also, let's not forget about Cover Wars. February's Cover Wars is already a week late. (Perhaps I should have emailed the group last week after all.) Anyway, vote for your favorite cover HERE. (up to 3 covers)

In a recent post I announced some upgrades that will be coming to the site soon. Read about those HERE. In that post I referred to my new marketing efforts that do not involve me in front of a computer. Yes, I'm going door-to-door in my home town of Salina, KS, telling people about the scavenger hunt. Read about the first day I did this with my son Scotty ... HERE.

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