What does $5 get you? #marketing pic.twitter.com/ufFqOxtP0T

It's time for a case study.

An author paid $5 to get 5 different tweets.

First of all, there are a total of 13 tweets in my tweet database.

I try to give you more than I say I will.

As long as your content is easy to tweet-ify, I'll do more.

Anyway, here's a chart of the clicks his tweets have brought in.
There's a total of 68 clicks since the creation of the link.

That may not sound like a lot,
but this link is only a few months old.

It will stay in my database for the foreseeable future.

My tweets are long-term.

What does $15 get you?

Check out the following chart.

There's a total of 336 clicks for this link.

It's an older link, but it still isn't going anywhere.

The period of near-activity was when I was working two jobs.

I'm working more from home now, btw.