Promo Posts are Back!

Promo Posts are Back!

Now that I'm working from home a lot more, it's time to bring back promo posts. I'm going to try something different this time around. Instead of paying for each post, authors will pay me to work so many hours for them. Authors will get a lot more out of me this way. IOW, the price per post will be a lot less than it would be if I charged per post. (Sorry if that was confusing.)

I'm going to offer the old style pricing plan as well. $10 or $25 packages. Check them out here.

Here are the options.

$100 — 10 Hour Package
  • I will work about 10 hours on an author's behalf.
  • Multiple book promos (however many the author turns in...within reason)
  • Interview posts
    • Custom follow-up questions
  • Top Ten post(s)
  • Guest post(s)
    • Submissions via email will be accepted this time around.
  • Multiple Facebook status updates (page posts)
  • Tweets promoting all the posts (including Facebook)
    • This is where I will spend much of my time, creating as many tweets as time allows. With 10 hours to fill, many of the tweets will have custom pictures, garnering more attention on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Since there will be so many posts, this package effectively takes over the blog for probably about a week, which is also about how long it will take me to rack up 10 hours worth of work.
  • BONUS: a year's worth of Cover Wars
    • Cover Wars will be returning in the next few months. This bonus offer will not last. So, sign up today!
$60 — 5 Hour Package
  • I will work about 5 hours on an author's behalf.
  • You get just about everything you get in the 10 hour package. I simply won't work as long. It might mean fewer tweets, fewer pictures for tweets, not as much time on Facebook (statuses), etc...
  • But an author can still turn in multiple promos.
$30 — 2 Hour Package
  • I will work about 2 hours on an author's behalf.
  • Once again, you get as much as I can offer in the time paid for. Perhaps not as many posts as above or as many tweets.
What is my time worth?

It will be worth more to an author if the information turned in is complete and unique. And more of it the better. If an author only has one book published on Amazon, and that book doesn't have any reviews, there's only so much I can present ... without being overly redundant.

So, if an author only has one book published, perhaps the 2 hour package makes more sense. There can still be multiple interviews, top ten lists, and the like.

However, if an author has several books published, the 5 hour or 10 hour packages might be more appropriate.

Will a giveaway be included?

The short answer is no. The longer answer includes an extra benefit for the author. My services are geared toward long-term exposure. So, although there will be a time when this blog is posting stuff for just one author (think of it as an onsite blog tour), the promotion of such material will continue long after the initial hype is over.

Another part of the answer is that I've done giveaways before, and they don't produce the results I liked, not in a timely fashion that is. There are so many books out there, and many authors are giving away their books to garner attention. I would spend too much of the time paid for just trying to get people to take a copy.

A lot of giveaways include a monetary reward. These garner more attention, but I am not convinced this is a good way to get people to check out an author's books. People are more interested in the money and not the people behind it. It's kind of like free books on Amazon. People download them and then leave bad reviews because they are idiots and didn't know what they were getting.

However there is something we can do to offer a book for free, and in the long run I think it is worth a lot more than a giveaway. We can have a post that offers a book to anyone who is willing to review it afterwards. Here is an example of such a post. Instead of a list of books, a paid for post will only have the book or books of the author paying. That kind of post can be long-term just like any of the others. Even if just a few people contact an author with such a post, it would be far more worth it than a stupid giveaway.

Does that mean my service is not worth the price?

Not at all. To get an author's name out there, to get books seen, takes time. And my promotions are not about sales or other short-term gimmicks. 

Plus I've figured out how to give an author a ton of posts for mere dollars per post. I don't want to give an exact number of posts (cause I don't really know), but in 10 hours I could easily do a dozen posts. Maybe more. A lot of that depends on how much work the author does. 

Like I mentioned above, much of my time will be spent composing tweets and otherwise promoting the material an author presents. More material the better.

What do you mean by long-term exposure?

Let me put it this way: tweets are still going out that promote posts from 2014 - 2016. Multiple authors have told me to stop promoting old posts for one reason or another (usually because a book is being republished).

I've only recently stopped promoting stuff from 2011 - 2013. But I still have those tweets if I wanted to dust them off and bring them back out. 

In other words, I have no problem promoting older posts as long as the info is still good.

Use our services, and an author's name and their books will be promoted to the Twitterverse for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in one of the above packages or have more questions, please email me.