A new option in our upcoming Scavenger Hunt.

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Not just any Kindle Fire Giveaway

Other sites give away high priced items like this all the time. In fact, a very popular blog does it every month. It's a great opportunity for authors and a relatively cheap way to promote a book. However, our Scavenger Hunt Kindle Fire Giveaway will put more focus on the books.

People won't be able to just enter and win without paying attention to the books and the authors. I think that is a major failing of other giveaways. Sure, a high priced item gets lots of people to enter, but if someone enters only to win and not to find new books or at least has the ability to ignore the sponsoring books, isn't the author's money wasted somewhat?

Our Scavenger Hunt giveaway will discourage giveaway junkies. It will be designed for those who like to discover new books—targeted marketing.

How the Scavenger Hunt will work

The Scavenger Hunt post will list a bunch of questions or clues. Answers, which will be one word each, will be found either on an Amazon page or a promo post on this site.

One letter from each answer will be the clue letter. When all the clue letters are put together, the clue phrase will emerge. The answer to the composite clue will be an entry option for the giveaway.

Other entry options will include turning in answers for each question or individual clue. Turning in the clue phrase will also be an entry option, but the answer to the clue phrase will be worth much more than these secondary entry options, encouraging players to play the entire hunt..

What the Scavenger Hunt comes with (UPDATED)

Notice: there's a new package. I didn't want to mess up the numbers, so I've appended the new package to the end even though it is the cheapest one.

The new package is pretty much what package number 1 used to be. Because the response has been a little on the low side, I'm increasing the number of questions for the existing packages.

Package #1 - $25

  • $10 toward the purchase of a Kindle Fire
  • 2 Scavenger Hunt questions (composed by me)
    • The answers will be found on the book's Amazon page. I may use a review if two questions aren't possible from the synopsis.

Package #2 - $50

  • $10 toward the purchase of a Kindle Fire
  • Giveaway Promo Post
    • Click here for an example of a Giveaway Promo Post. The author gave away e-copies of her book. Cash giveaways attract more people, naturally.
    • Formatting of your post might be different.
  • 2 Scavenger Hunt questions (composed by me)
    • The answer will be found in a promo post on this site. It could come from the synopsis or review quotes. It will not come from the excerpt. A giveaway is recommended. For example, copies of their book or a gift card they sponsor.

Package #3 - $65

  • $10 toward the purchase of a Kindle Fire
  • Giveaway Promo Post
  • Author Interview Post
    • Click here for an example of our author interviews. 
    • Formatting of your post might be different.

In addition to the Package #2 options, there will be a third scavenger hunt question. The answer will be found in a second post on this site, an interview with the author.

The interview will not be boring like so many author interviews tend to be. The author will get to choose from a bushel of questions: some quick lightening round questions, a serious question or two, and a wacky question. The chances of any two interviews being exactly alike will be astronomically rare.

Each scavenger hunt post (giveaway post and/or interview post) will be heavily promoted on Twitter, of course. Also, emails sent out to our book club will promote the hunt even more.

Package #4 - $15

  • $10 toward the purchase of a Kindle Fire
  • 1 Scavenger Hunt question (composed by me)
    • The answer will be found on the book's Amazon page, most likely in the synopsis of the book.

Timing of the Hunt (Updated)

Though I can't be 100% certain, I would very much like to start this Scavenger Hunt the first week or two in January. We only need a few more authors to sign up. Of course, the more who sign up, the better the hunt will be.

Secret Word

The Paypal form as well as any Google form you fill out will ask for a secret word. We use this to match up your payment with forms you fill out. Choose a word or short phrase that other authors are not likely to choose—perhaps something unique to either you or one of your books.

Multiple Forms

Because of the complexity of these promotion options, there are different forms to fill out based upon which package you buy. If you purchase the $15 or $25 options, there's only 1 form to fill out. If you purchase the $50 package, there's 2 forms to fill out, and there are 3 forms to fill out if you buy the $65 option.

Choose a package
Secret Word:

Everyone must fill out THIS FORM.

If you bought the $50 or $65 options, 

fill out THIS FORM for the promo post.

If you bought the $65 option, 

also fill out THIS FORM 

for the author interview.