"Innovative take on a post-apocalyptic society" Soulless: Book 1 by @jrobbinswrites #dystopian

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Soulless: Book 1

Armaggedon & Addiction

Written by Jason Robbins

Genre(s): Post-Apocalyptic

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Chris Kodiak is a troubled misanthrope with a disdain for society. One day he decides to end it all, but wakes to find he is one of the last people left alive on Earth. While he's happy to have NYC as his own personal playground, he soon finds that his seven-year-old niece is also alive and dependent on him for survival against a force that wants to stamp out what's left of humankind. 

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Soulless: Book 1

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Fans are saying

An innovative take on a post-apocalyptic society

Robbins has created an inexplicably engaging anti-hero in Chris Kodiak who seems to have entirely selfish motivations or none at all. Yet we can't stop reading about what he does next. It's a fresh take on the end of the world and what a product of modern society might do under the circumstances.

— Charlene

A fresh, clever take on a dystopian, apocalyptic world. Robbins focuses less (so far) on the What Happened and more on our main character, letting the reader settle in to Chris's warped and drug-addled take on humanity and its demise.

It's a weird--and refreshing--concept, to have a hero's not quite as disturbed about the eradication of most of the populace as we'd expect.

The prose is fast-paced and generously spliced with humor. A good start and I'm looking forward to the next book.

— JbR

Author Bio

Jason Robbins

I used to be a computer scientist. Then I was a lawyer. Now I'm an author. Soon, I'll be a screenwriter. Then, I plan to be a cruise ship captain. And eventually, I intend to be a corpse. Dream big, kids!