I'm Your Baby Tonight, but what about tomorrow ... by @wilsonbluez #romance #comedy

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I'm Your Baby Tonight

but what about tomorrow

Written by BL Wilson

Genre(s): Romantic comedy



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Imagine you could be anybody that you wanted for one night. You could dress up in a magical costume and party until the sun came up. Nobody not even your mother, if you had a mother, would know it was you.

Suppose you learned a woman that you’d always wanted but had rejected you a million times, was attending the party, too. What do you do? Would you go to the party? If you went, who would you be and what would you wear? How would you recognize her?

I’m your baby tonight but what about tomorrow, has a cast of African American women with diverse personalities, that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

An excerpt from

I'm Your Baby Tonight

Author Bio

BL Wilson

After an unpleasant publishing experience, BL decided to take control of her own fate and that of her books. She became a self-published writer two weeks before All Hollow's Eve of this year. She enjoys writing. She loves using it to release her inner bitch through the characters she creates.

Her novels and short stories allowed her to examine who she is, in black, white and various shades of gray. She can work out her 'stuff' through her characters. She finds it very liberating to do so. She vows to keep writing until she can't.