Interview Questions 001

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Lightening Round Questions

1A day at the beach or an hour at a bookstore?
2Are you a rose or a thorn most of the time?
3Are you left or right handed?
4Beef, seafood or surf AND turf?
5Bet it all on black or red?
6Bike or car?
7Black coffee, coffee with cream, or coffee with cream and sugar?
8Boxers or briefs?
9Call or text?
10Cat person, dog person or 'other'?
11Coffee or Tea?
12Coke or Pepsi?
13compost or fertiliser?
14Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
15Day or night?
16Do you bring sexy back?
17Do you ever do character creation while people watching from a location outside your home/office?
18Do you follow your imagination or question it, Follow or Question?
19Favorite number between 60 and 100, go!
20Favorite snack or food to eat while writing
21Favourite City
22Flowers or chocolate?
23French toast, pancakes, or waffles?
24Glitter or camouflage?
25Hathor or Isis?
26If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?
27Keep the possessive apostrophe?
28Ken or Barbie?
29Kindle or Nook?
30Lipstick or lip gloss?
31Lover or a fighter?
32MacGyver or Sherlock Holmes?
33Netflix or cable?
34Ocean or Lake?
35Of the seven deadly sins, which is the worst?
36Pen name or real name?
37Pick your poison: cover bands, B-movies, or You Tube parodies.
38Pickles: sweet or dill?
39Prefer PC or Apple computers?
40Pulled pork or jerked chicken?
41Red or white?
42Romance or horror?
43Ruled by logic or emotion?
44Sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster?
45Scorching sun or Biting snow?
46Shower or bath?
47Socks when you sleep, yes or no?
48Steak: rare, medium, or well-done?
49The zombie apocalypse is coming - are you prepared?
50Vampires or Werewolves?
51What are the two most important qualities in an antagonist?
52What are you wearing? (No, seriously - what do you wear when you write?)
53What character best describes you?
54What food would you eat off your lovers body?
55What genre have you tried to write but found yourself unable to pull off?
56What is your favourite word?
57What's the name of the space between your thumb and fingers? 
58What's your favorite act at the circus?
59What's your OTP out of all your favorite fandoms?
60Which is the better way to enjoy a story, being the writer or the reader?
61Which is worse when talking to a person? Bad breath or body odor?
62Which shoe do you put on first? Left or Right?
63Which writer are you most envious of?
64Your story - two characters mirroring you?

Serious Questions

1Authors often put themselves into their characters. Which of your characters is most like you and why?
2Can you give more details on what you draw inspiration from when writing.
3Can you recall a particular scene that was painful or traumatic for you to write?
4Do you base any characters on real-life people that you know?
5Do you believe an author can be psychoanalyzed from the content of their first novel?
6Do you ever base chatacters on real people in your own life?
7Do you find more inspiration from reading other books or watching TV/movies?
8Do you have a muse?
9Do you have a structured schedule for writing?
10Do you like to read the same genre that you write?
11Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?
12Do you plan or pants it?
13Do you stick to one genre or skip around? Why?
14Do you talk about your WIP with anyone while writing or do you keep it completely secret until done?
15Do you think your creativity is down to the number of books you have read as the publishing companies would say or do you think it is a power that comes from within?
16Do you try to make you antagonists likeable?
17Do you use an editor? If so, what tips do you have in finding one that works for you?
18Give me two ways that you use to make your characters likeable to the reader.
19Has anything you've dreamed found its way into your book?
20Have you ever read a book that was so amazing it made you question yourself as a writer?
21How did you family support your story becoming a book?
22How did you research your book character's career?
23How do you come up with ways to create tension between your characters?
24How do you decide when and whether to kill off a character?
25How do you or would you react to negative reviews and why?
26How do you use dialog in your writing?
27How has technology hurt or helped you as an author?
28How have you improved as a writer since you first began? What would you attribute your growth to?
29How old were you when you first wrote a story?
30If you could choose one place to do your writing for the rest of your life, where would you choose and why?
31If you could go back in time and change a decision you made (knowing this may change everything after that decision) would you still do it?
32If you could meet one dead author, who would it be and why?
33If you had to describe your writing style and books in a single sentence what would it be?
34If you weren't an author, what would you be?
35Name one of your role models. What do you respect most about this person?
36Name one thing you have to have before you can sit down at right?
37No one likes a poor review of their book. How do you deal with a low rating review?
38was there only ever one ending for book? or did you have a few to choose from?
39What are you able to escape from when you write? Have you ever used a specific character in a fiction novel to free yourself from a difficult past hurt?
40What do you do when an idea for a story comes to you and you're not in a position to write it down?
41What impact do you envision your book(s) having on your reader?
42What is the most effective way you've found to break through writer's block?
43What is your favorite way to create tension between characters?
44What is your most successful book promotion tip?
45What non-writing-related thing have you done or learned that shows up in your work?
46What or who encouraged you to start writing?
47What sort of topics do you wish more fiction authors had the gall to explore?
48What suggestions do you have for selecting a good editor?
49What surprised you about the whole "self publishing" process?
50What time of day do you like best for writing?
51What was your favorite book this week?
52What's the hardest part of writing for you? The easiest?
53What's the most "out of the blue" plot twist you've ever read?
54What's the most effective marketing tool you've used?
55What's your best advice for aspiring authors?
56What's your favorite book?
57What's your favorite program to write in? (Scrivener, Word, etc.) Or do you prefer pen and paper?
58When and how did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
59When is your favorite time of day to write?
60When your plot is seriously tangled, what helps you get it untangled?
61Where do you go for inspiration when you're stuck?
62Who are your favorite authors and how does your writing style compare to theirs?
63Who has influenced your writing the most?
64Who is your favorite character in your latest book?
65Why do you write in your chosen genre?
66Would you ever write a book with a taboo or controversial subject matter that you knew would offend some of your readers?

Wacky Questions

1Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Please check before answering.
2Do the voices in your head talk all the time or do they go to sleep when you do?
3Do you ever write in the nude?
4Do you have a particular preference on types of toilet paper?
5Do you put forth the effort to make up the stories or do they just randomly appear in your mind in totality?
6Everyone has a manuscript in their desk drawer that they would never publish. What's yours?
7Have you ever farted in public and blamed it on someone else nearby?
8How do you come up with sex scenes and do you practice sex acts before your final draft of said scene?
9How do you inject romance into your life?
10How many people have you killed (in your fiction)?
11How many voices are in your head as you're writing a scene?
12How would you describe the sound of a whisper?
13If animals and humans could mate (physically AND legally!), what animal would you like to mate with?
14If it rained something other than water, what would you want it to be and why?
15If pot was legal would you let your kids smoke it?
16If you could be a dessert, what dessert would you be and who would eat you?
17If you could commit any crime without being punished, what would you do?
18If you could go anywhere in the world to shop, where would it be and what would you shop for?
19If you could have a cartoon character come alive for one hour, who would it be, and why?
20If you could have dinner with your protagonist, where would you go and what would you discuss?
21If you could only wear one outfit the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
22If you could pick one person (real or fictional) to be your teacher, who would it be? Why?
23If you found yourself back in the 80s, what piece of clothing would you rock?
24If you had to coauthor a book with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
25If you were a brand, which one would you be and why?
26If you were a food item from a barbecue, what would you be and why?
27If you were a jungle animal, which one would you be and why?
28If you were a pudding what would you be?
29If you were invisible, what is the first thing you'd do?
30If you were stranded on a desert island, what fictional character would you call?
31If you were stuck on a deserted island with a character from your latest book, who would you want to be with and why?
32If you were trapped on a desert island like Tom Hanks in "Castaway," what's the one thing you'd want to have with you?
33If your antagonist was a disease, which one would s/he be and why?
34If your life was a movie, which would it be and why?
35If your main character was a dessert, what would s/he be and why?
36If your main character was a vacation destination, where would s/he be and why?
37If your villain was a circus act, which one would s/he be and why?
38In a battle of wits between Bugs Bunny and The Roadrunner, who wins?
39Share one item from your wardrobe that you wish you never bought :)
40Tortured a character, did you? Does that make you a bully?
41What book have you faked or pretended to read and why?
42What candy bar would describe your book?
43What color crayon should be banned from the box?
44What is your essential writing attire?
45What is your favorite food to eat while writting
46What material do you read when you have to go #2? lol
47What was the last adult beverage you had?
48What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?
49What's the craziest thing you've ever drawn inspiration from?
50What's the most inventive way you've ever used duct tape?
51What's the strangest place you ever "gone potty?
52What's the strangest place you've found inspiration
53Where is the strangest place you've ever read a book?
54Which of your characters would you dress as for Halloween?
55Which two cartoon characters would you like to watch have sex?
56Who is you favorite cartoon villain?
57Why is a raven like a writing desk?
58Would you ever agree to be abducted by extraterrestrial aliens?
59Would you rather be stuck up in a space station for the rest of your life, or in a submarine under water?
60Would you rather write during a snowstorm or a thunderstorm?
61You are stuck on an island where you can either fight off a bear for domination of the land, defeat a shark in order to swim to safety, or out maneuver a pterodactyl so you can fly away. Which do you choose?
62You walk into a bank. An elephant is behind the counter. 30 words or less, tell me the story.
63You're about to be executed for a crime you didn't commit. What do you want as your last meal?
64You're having an intimate dinner party, just you and five individuals (from any time in history, fictional or real). Who's at your table and what are you eating?
65You're writing a story about your family and it becomes clear that someone needs to be killed off to make the story flow. Who is it and why?
66You've been handed the mic to sing at America's Got Talent (or Britain)... what song do you sing?