The Masquerade #99cent Listing is Transforming into the Crew Classifieds.

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Just like a catepillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, the weekly Masquerade 99¢ Listing is transforming into the Crew Classifieds. 

No longer will the listing be limited to 99¢ books. Any price is welcome. But that's not the only upgrade.

The listing will also be more functional. Browsers of the listings will be able to filter by price, main genre, and sub-genre/keyword. Also, each listing will include more info than previously.

The recent post displaying books we have on hand for review used the same filtering method (though only with one criteria). Check it out HERE.

Incidentally, the new expanded listing will look very much like the format I used for that post. You'll get to use more than just your book cover to convince a passerby to check our your book.

And, best of all, I'm keeping the price low. I am raising it by a dollar due to a little extra work of maintaining the expanded listing but more importantly the filtering feature. But think about it: where can you get all of this for just $3 a week?

As was the case before, the Crew Classifieds will be posted on Sunday of each week. Sometime soon after that, I will email the 800+ subscribers to our book club (and it grows every day). Also, I will tweet about the post throughout the week.

The new Crew Classifieds 
will start December 7th, 
the first Sunday of the month. 
Until then we will be posting 
the rest of the 99¢ listings.

Read the following carefully ... please

Fill out the form for each listing you will be a part of, meaning you may have to fill it out multiple times. I will not check to make sure you are getting all the listings you have paid for—not for $3 anyway. You can be responsible for that. I will not tell you if you have filled out a form (don't email me about that), so I suggest you do it as soon as you pay. 

PayPal has never failed me, so if you have a transaction ID, we got paid. 100% of the time. No need to ask if we got the money. Also, I do not email you to confirm we got the money, and especially NOT for a $3 payment.

The Google forms do hiccup every once in a while. The few times people have had trouble filling out a form, it's because either they are on a tablet or smartphone, or are using the wrong browser. Not sure what the problem is, so I would recommend filling out the form on a laptop or desktop, and I recommend Chrome or Firefox as the browser.  

Of course, you are more than welcome to email me. Just realize how many emails I get and how long checking something for you takes ... if everyone does it.

If you have paid and tried to fill out the form, and you think there was an ACTUAL problem, please email me in this case. However, I may ignore an email from an author who is "just checking."

If you do not see a form at the bottom of this post, you most likely have an Ad Blocker turned on. Turn it off or pause it and refresh the page.

ASIN - How to find it

Your book's ASIN, Amazon's unique code, can be found under the Product Details section of your book's Amazon page. Double click that and put it in the form. Easy peasy.

What's your secret word?

Both the PayPal form and the Google form ask for a secret word. These two words should be the same, obviously. Don't pick something super wild that we'll have a hard time reading/recognizing on sight, but also don't pick something so bland and generic that multiple people may pick the same one, such as a genre, or the words book, ebook, or Kindle ... etc.... 

Make it something personal or unique to you or your book: a character's first name, a unique word from the title of the book, your last name or first name (if it's more rare than Smith or John).

Also, if you pay for multiple listings, please pick a different secret word each time. Having multiple listings with the same secret word will only slow us down ... so it will not be appreciated. To make it easy, you may simply attach a different number at the end.

$3 Listing — Pay HERE!

Don't forget the Secret Word!


Once you have paid for a listing, 
fill out the following form.