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She is the author of the bestselling horror novel Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, Take Five short stories and The Sallie House, a non-fiction book about a haunted house investigation. She works with other indie authors, providing advice on writing, publishing and book promotion.

A Sampling of Her Blog

Beyond The Blog Basics – Secrets For Your Blog Title

Let’s face it, as indie authors, it’s difficult to find and build an audience. We’re all told the things we should be doing to get readers, and a blog is one of them. But you have to get people to read your blog or your efforts are for naught. In essence, this comes down to marketing, which many indie authors don’t understand at all. I had an email a while back that made me laugh. This newbie indie author was pooped because she’d released a book, created Twitter and Facebook accounts and started posting to them, and she had a blog. It’s called marketing honey and you have to do it effectively if you want to sell books.

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A New YA Adventure!

Permit me to jump ship (ha ha, you’ll get why in a minute) from my usual posts to announce the release of my new book! I am so excited about this book I can hardly stand it. The book is called The Emerald Quest and it’s for middle grade and young adult readers (although my adult readers are loving it too).

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Writers Workshop – Character Development in Fiction

Character development in fiction is a critical part of making a story come alive. Create great characters and readers will keep turning pages. Create poorly developed characters and you risk your readers throwing your book away. So what are some secrets of character development in fiction? Books have been written on this, but let me share a few things that new authors (and unfortunately many indie authors) do that damage their stories.

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