A new way to submit tweets for retweeting pic.twitter.com/dvjgcCq0Dd

Do you want more retweets for your tweets?

Are you looking to connect with more people?

The answers to both of these should be yes.

Unless you only talk with close friends and family online,

Broadening your reach should always be a goal.

Especially if you have something to offer.

If you are an author, a blogger, own a business, etc....

There are many ways to increase how far your online voice goes.

I use Triberr, for instance, and have for years. Really works!

I've also tried out the various retweet services.

Some are better than others.

I would like to start my own service.

But it will be different from all the others.

You submit a tweet to a guestbook, and while you're there...

Perhaps you'll find a tweet or two to share in return.

What will be different from other systems is that...

My system will use the honor system.

Share as much as you would like.

Submit as much as you would like (within reason).

Anyway, here's a link the guestbook.

You can also find a nifty link to the guestbook

On the main navigation menu at the top of every page.

Read below about how to submit a tweet.

I'll tweak it as time goes on.

5 easy steps

Step 1: Find the tweet (on Twitter) you want to submit.

Step 2: Click on the drop down menu

Step 3: Click on Embed Tweet

Step 4: Copy the embed code

Step 5: Paste the embed code at the guestbook site.