She would give anything to save him. Even her love… @eileendreyer #romance

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She would give anything to save him. Even her love…

Perchance To Dream

Wounded Heroes Collection

Author: Eileen Dreyer

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Contemporary, Crime, Detective, Thriller, Mystery



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She would give anything to save him. Even her love…

Top Agent Jason Mitchell has nightmares. His partner is dead, and he knows it’s his fault. Lindsey McDonough refuses to let him destroy himself. So she seeks him out at his mountain cabin. What she doesn’t know is that the man who killed Mitchell’s partner has followed her.

Winner of the RWA RITA Award! This is a story of passion, desperation and danger.

“There’s no way to put this book down” —RT Bookclub 


“Nice to see you’re still in one piece.”

Lindsay didn’t wait for an invitation to come in.

Mitchell was sitting at the kitchen table, and the sight of him caused a pain in her heart.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded.

She took a purposeful look around. “Cleaning up, from the looks of it. This place is a pigsty.”

She was facing the back of his head, but he never turned to her. She wanted to go to him, to tell him that she knew how he felt. But that approach wouldn’t work yet. She had to fan a spark before she could get a steady flame.

“Don’t bother.”

She was already unbuttoning her sleeves and rolling them up. “Might as well see what the rest of the place looks like before I tackle this,” she said instead. “After all, this could be the cleanest room. Now, is there an extra bedroom, or do I throw you out of yours?” 

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