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The books at the end of this post are available for review. But before you look ... you've already looked, haven't you? Naughty, naughty! Anyway, the way to request one is different from anything I've ever done before.

DeeJay has stepped down as review crew manager, which means we haven't been accepting review requests for a while now. I'm instituting a new system since I don't have time to manage a crew myself.

Anyone can be part of the new crew. You can request to review any book we present to you. (Not necessarily every book on the site, just the ones listed on posts such as this one.)

At the bottom of each box, there is a link that says, "Click Here to Request a Review Copy (tweet)." That's how you request to read and review the book. The link brings up a page for you to tweet the author (or the person responsible for giving the book out for reviews).

Yes, that means you need to have a Twitter account to request books. If you don't have one, you should get one.

In the past authors have sent their books to DeeJay. When a review crew member requested a book, she would send the book to the reviewer. I'm taking out that step. I'm only providing a listing for people to choose from. Once you get in contact with the author, it will be between the two of you.

However, proper conduct will still be expected. So, don't request books you aren't interested in reading. Don't read a book and not review it. (If you feel you cannot review it, contact the author and privately give your reason. Most authors will understand.)

Don't bash the author or the book. You can certainly be constructive or even negative, but please have some humanity in how you do it.

If an author reports any such behavior, I will investigate. If it turns out it's true, I don't mind calling you out publicly, so be nice. I also expect the authors to behave as well. So, if you don't hear from an author, you may contact me. Here's my email: msl_007@live.com

Once you have read the book, you'll need to post the review to Amazon (and any other place you'd like to). To submit a review to be posted on this site, you'll need to have it at least on Amazon. Stay tuned for more details on how this will be done.

Without further ado, here are the books.

Cover links to Amazon.com

A Time Travel Anthology

Authors: Sharon Flood, A.J. Nolte, and Alexander Montgomery

Genre/keywords: Fantasy, Anthology, Time Travel,

Three time traveling stories for your reading pleasure.

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Cover links to Amazon.com
Sorrow's Edge

Book 2 of the Marker Chronicles

The Marker Chronicles

Written by Danielle DeVor

Genre/keywords: Fantasy, Dark, Horror,

Uncovering The Truth…Will Take An Exorcist

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Cover links to Amazon.com
Forbidden Future

A Time Travel Anthology

Authors: James Wymore, Jon Bradbury, Matt Mitrovich, James Lauren, Terra Harmony, Kade Anderson, and Michael Trimmer

Genre/keywords: Sci-Fi, Anthology, Dystopia, Time Travel,

What becomes of mankind in the future? Is life better or worse?

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