"Not for horror fans..." Daemon Seer by @Dreambeast7 #review #paranormal

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Daemon Seer

The Daemon World

Written by Mary Maddox

Genre(s): Paranormal

As a teenager, Lu Darlington attracted national attention when she and her friend Lisa escaped a sadistic killer known as the Professor of Death. She never told anyone about the daemon who saved her life that day.

Ten years later, Lisa shows up at Lu’s door, fleeing another psychopath stalker. But Lisa’s not the only one seeking Lu after all this time. One by one, the daemons descend:

Voracious Chama. Sinister Black Claw. Beautiful Talion.

Chama wants Lu, but Talion claims her. The women of Lu’s family have always belonged to Talion—and they’ve suffered deeply for it.

As the human threat draws closer, Talion demands that Lu bind herself to him in a harrowing ceremony that will destroy an innocent man and change her forever—but might save Lisa’s life.

Can she navigate the violent intrigues of the daemon world without being consumed by its terrible, all-consuming demands?

Sammyig's Review

Not for horror fans...

Mary Maddox’s Daemon Seer is a paranormal fantasy about a couple of teens who are struggling to maintain their grasp of sanity when daemons that saved them in a previous story come calling for them to return the favor.

Now, I realize that this is a fantasy series, but I wanted the daemons darker. But then, I do read a lot of dark material, so perhaps that is clouding my view. Lovers of softer stories will likely love it.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.