A fairytale for adults... Read this erotic romance from @pablomichaels1

Genre: LGBT; Erotic Romance; Fairytale
Published: December 17, 2015
Formats Available: All Digital

In this adult fairy tale young, awkward, young Jack sells their prize cow Pearly White for magical beans to a strange man in a red bikini. Little does Jack’s mother, Lorene, know that the beans grow into a giant, magical beanstalk, high above the clouds?

Jack ascends the beanstalk to a land where a Giant Slave serves his larger Master, Jack begs Slave for food to satisfy his hunger from his long journey. But Jack finds Master hoarding treasures.

Attempting to escape the wrath of Master and Slave with the treasures, Jack encounters a handsome, engaging normal sized human man. Sam lives with others that live naturally without clothing deep in the forest. As Jack ages he becomes a handsome man, just like his father, attracting many men, including the two farmhands, Zeke and Adam.

Even though Jack has enabled the farm to prosper with the treasures he stole from Master and is met with increasing danger, he climbs the magical beanstalk again and again to find more treasures and pursue Sam.

After living, working, and experiencing city life in San Francisco for twenty years, Pablo moved back to the rural home where he grew up to continue writing about the advent of gay liberation, the AIDS epidemic and life he observed and participated. Legally married to his loving husband after fifteen years, they enjoy sharing their love with other people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Two of his e-books, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Hooray!" and "Pagan Knights of Cambria" were published in 2010 at www.abook2read.com. His self-published novel "Catnip, Rosemary, Rage and Time" became available on February 14, 2011 in paperback or e-book format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Xlibris.

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