"Captivating and mysterious" Dreamthief by @TCGrantham #review #fantasy

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Fairy World MD, Book One

Written by Tamara Grantham

Genre(s): Fantasy

Visiting Faythander is a nasty business. Forget the fairies and unicorns, most people come back with lost memories and mental problems. Olive Kennedy knows. She's the therapist who treats patients suffering from Faythander's side effects. Despite her empty bank account, she takes pride in her job as Houston's only Fairy World medical doctor. She's never failed to cure a client--until now.

Traveling back to Faythander wasn't on Olive's to-do list. But she has no choice. The fate of both Earth and Fairy depends on her ability to stop an ancient being called the Dreamthief. To complicate matters, she may be losing her heart to someone who can't love her in return. Saving the world, she can handle. Falling in love--not so much.

As if battling the forces of evil wasn't difficult enough...

Walki's Review

Magic of many kinds at every corner

Nowadays it seems that every respectable heroine in a fantasy novel has to be stroppy, the style of writing of the fantasy novel has to be humorous and detailed, and said fantasy novel has to feature elves, pixies, dragons, goblins and other creatures of the Faerie World. Some things haven’t changed: the heroine, while brainy, is not brawny; her love interest is brawny, even if not just that.

Olive Kennedy is a therapist with great knowledge of the Faerie World. She is half-human and half-elf, and was brought up by the Dragon King in Faythander. She doesn’t need a memory charm to travel from the human side to the Faerie side and back and retain her memories. She is a loner and an outsider in both worlds.

Olive doesn’t work with kids, but Jeremiah is her seven-year-old godson, who lives in foster care with his rebellious teenager sister. His dream soul has been stolen and taken to Faythander. In her quest Olive is guided by Kull, the son of the Wult king. Kull is about marry the daughter the of Elf king to avoid a war between the Wults and the Elves. While Kull looks like a barbarian, he is knowledgeable and very comfortable in a library.

Told at the first person, this fantasy novel is the first in a series. It is captivating and mysterious. While most characters are as intriguing as they should be, the only well developed characters are Olive, and to some extent Kull. ‘Dreamthief’ is an entertaining fantasy with magic of many kinds at every corner.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.