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Scream for Charity

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Genre: Horror

Book Synopsis

A collection of five short horror stories aiming to raise money for Charity this Christmas and make your heart race with fear.

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Bec's Review

Scream for Charity is a collection of 5 short stories, all with a horror theme. As such it is a little hard to review as a whole, considering there are 5 different authors and stories at hand. Yes some stories are better than others. Yes some stories are scarier than others. And yes altogether, despite some of the stories being not as good as others, this book is a great, but short read. With the proceeds going to charity it is something that, should you like horror stories, you should pick up.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories in this book. There was only one that was really a letdown, the last one, and that’s merely because after reading the others, which so clearly fit the horror genre, it was strange to suddenly be reading a story that was more fantasy than Horror. The Dragon and the Moon does not fit in well with the rest of the stories, and it was this fact that made me dislike it more than any failing on its part. The only other problems with the book was that the format I had been given for review resulted in quite a few blank pages that I would have to scroll past on my ereader in between stories, a fact that began to irritate me towards the end, but which will not a problem for everyone depending on formats and reading devices. I just wanted to point it out as it was an issue I discovered.

Out of all the stories I have to say that High Price for Hope was my favourite, however there were several that came close. Each of the stories had something to like about them, and each provided a short but entertaining read. These stories are of such length that they’d be perfect for sitting around the campfire and reading, or for sharing with a friend. Plus not only will you be getting 5 horror stories out of this book, but you’ll also be supporting charity, which is always a plus.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for children due to Violence. This book is recommended for teenagers or older due to some violent and graphic scenes.