Sponsored Ads on Amazon – Should I? or Shouldn’t I? #repost

The following is a repost from here.

Have you ever gone on Amazon to search an item – say a watch?

If the same happened to you as what happened to me, for the next while, every time I was on their site, Amazon flashed a variety of watches – I mean every – single – time. It’s like they flagged what I was interested in, and then tempted me in every way possible.

This brings back a memory of when my husband and I were on a train in Cusco, waiting at the station, with Machu Picchu as our destination. Along the tracks were vendors all holding up their wares at the passenger’s windows. They were trying to tempt us with anything from t-shits to woven bags, jewellery – a huge variety of items. One of the T-shirts caught my attention and I waved the fellow over. Within seconds, every vendor there had dropped what they had been showing and were now waving T-shirts, trying to get the sale.

Amazon’s selling style reminds me of that time. And the reason they follow this sales method isn’t hard to understand. It’s because it works.

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