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Daemon Seer

The Daemon World

Written by Mary Maddox

Genre(s): Paranormal

As a teenager, Lu Darlington attracted national attention when she and her friend Lisa escaped a sadistic killer known as the Professor of Death. She never told anyone about the daemon who saved her life that day.

Ten years later, Lisa shows up at Lu’s door, fleeing another psychopath stalker. But Lisa’s not the only one seeking Lu after all this time. One by one, the daemons descend:

Voracious Chama. Sinister Black Claw. Beautiful Talion.

Chama wants Lu, but Talion claims her. The women of Lu’s family have always belonged to Talion—and they’ve suffered deeply for it.

As the human threat draws closer, Talion demands that Lu bind herself to him in a harrowing ceremony that will destroy an innocent man and change her forever—but might save Lisa’s life.

Can she navigate the violent intrigues of the daemon world without being consumed by its terrible, all-consuming demands?

Bri's Review

Truly Brilliant

This is my first book by Maddox. I wondered if, not having read Talion, I would feel a bit lost. However, I can confirm that this book is the start of something new, even though it carries on, in some ways, from the earlier book. Maddox makes a point to give us plenty of detail and description to bring the characters and world to life. She then blended it with a unique and exciting blend of horror and fantasy. I loved it. I would say, after going back to read Talion, that it is more fun when you read it and then this, but can be done either way.

We return to the lives of the two main characters from Talion. However, we are a few years down the line and their lives have moved forward, they have grown and they need each other again. We are reminded of who each character was, what has happened to them and why, briefly. Then Maddox goes on to really bring the characters to life again. She revives their personalities and gives us detail on what is happening at the moment. I enjoyed getting to know them and found them both strong and fascinating ladies.

The story of the Daemons is a really interesting one. They are different from some of the typical tales of daemons, and I like this fresh take on them. We are descended upon by those who intend to do good and those who are filled with evil. They each have their own place and interact with the world and people differently. Getting to know them, as they injected themselves in the world was just as exciting as getting to know the mains.

I loved that the story felt like a horror story, with the angst, fear and surprises mingled throughout their journey, but that it also had a decent amount of fantasy blended into it. I thought it was a good mix and Maddox really created something unique and very addicting.

The pace was perfect for this style of horror. I was kept moving swift enough to really feel that I was on an adventure, where so much was at stake, and kept on my toes, wondering what would happen next. I liked that, though it did really make it hard to put the book down, not that I’m complaining.

I highly recommend this read, as it is something new and refreshing for the genre and is very enjoyable to read.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.